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Sichuan Chengfa Paper Machinery Co., Ltd was established in 1989, the predecessor of Leshan Chengfa Paper Machinery Co.,Ltd was owned by military enterprise, AECC Chengdu Engine Co.,Ltd, it is the top 3 paper machinery manufacturer in China, and it was acquired by Sichuan Guozhong investment (Group) Co.,Ltd in 2017.



  • What is the daily management of paper machinery?

    What is the daily management of paper machinery?

    Now the paper industry has abandoned the manual operation method which used to consume laborious and inefficient manual processes, and has been replaced by fully automated machinery. With these fully automated machines, the paper industry not only greatly improves efficiency, but also produces better and better paper quality. So it is because of the automatic operation that new problems arise, that is, once there are problems in paper machinery, all the work can not be carried out, so let China

  • What are the factors that affect the price of white cardboard?

    What are the factors that affect the price of white cardboard?

    People need to use high-quality white cardboard everywhere in their work and life. Solid paper can be used for many purposes. There are many white cardboard suppliers in the current market. People don't know how to choose white cardboard at different prices, so the price of white cardboard in the industry is acceptable. What factors are affected? White cardboard


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