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What are the factors that affect the price of white cardboard?

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People need to use high-quality white cardboard everywhere in their work and life. Solid paper can be used for many purposes. There are many white cardboard suppliers in the current market. People don't know how to choose white cardboard at different prices, so the price of white cardboard in the industry is acceptable. What factors are affected? White cardboard


Factor 1: quality difference of white card paper

Because the surface of white cardboard is smooth, explosion-resistant and wear-resistant, people like to choose it as the paper they need for their work. But every white card manufacturer in the market has different production processes and raw materials, and these factors lead to different cost prices of white cardboard produced by each manufacturer, so we know that sales prices are also different.

Factor two: different sales channels

The quality of domestic white cardboard is the main factor affecting its price, but the influence of the differences in sales channels on the price can not be ignored. For white cardboard of the same quality, if it is sold in different channels, the selling price will be different. After all, different channels need different costs. Therefore, it is suggested to choose fewer middlemen to purchase channels or platforms to purchase the white paper which is widely known.

Factor three: size difference

High-quality, durable white cardboard will be able to meet the needs of different consumers and produce various specifications of white cardboard. Generally speaking, the larger the size of white cardboard, the greater the production cost, so the more expensive the price sold in the market. Therefore, consumers can act according to their wishes. You need to choose the appropriate size of white cardboard.

Above is the price factor of white cardboard introduced by China Paper Industry Network Xiaobian. It is suggested that you can buy white cardboard on a regular platform with different brands, so that you can analyze the differences between each brand, and if you need to buy with the Internet, you can know the manufacturer or which product in advance. After the quality of the white cardboard is good, it will be purchased.


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